Freight Estimates

Duo-Safety Ladder Corp. DOES NOT quote freight estimates/rates. We can assist our customers in obtaining an estimate by giving you the shipping information needed to contact a freight carrier for an estimate. All you need is origin zip code 54902 (that's us), destination zip code, packaged weight, and freight class – also see **PLEASE NOTE** paragraph below pertaining to accessorial services. Please call our office for freight class and approximate packaged shipping weights. Our product pages lists the individual product weight ONLY - call for approximate packaged weights.

International shipments including the states of AK and HI, due to the extent of travel, will be Export Crated. An export crating fee will apply and be added to orders. This fee totals 20% of the net purchase order rounded up to the nearest whole dollar – Minimum of $50.00. Call our office for approximate shipping weights and dimensions for obtaining freight estimates.


Keep in mind when obtaining freight estimates that it is truly just an ESTIMATE of freight charges. Freight companies charge extra fees for additional services that are NOT discounted. These charges are called Accessorial Services such as an arrival notification/call before delivery, oversized package – over 21’, residential delivery, school or military delivery. You must select the appropriate box under Accessorial Services to include the fees in the rate quotation.

All our customers, including dealers who request a drop ship, are responsible for ensuring the consignee (delivery recipient) inspects for damages BEFORE signing the carrier’s delivery receipt as received in good condition. Once a customer signs clear, it is almost impossible to collect any concealed freight damage claims.

Below is a link to obtain a freight estimate with one of our preferred carriers. Most of our products ship at a class of 150, except 585A Folding Ladders, Pike Poles and parts which all ship at a class of 70. Shipping class of 150 or 70 is guaranteed only if you ship with our carrier pre-paid.

Estes Express


*** New as of 2017 *** There has been a change by the NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification) board with reference to Ladder shipments. Effective 4/15/17, shipments of ladders will now be rated by density which changes the shipment classification. We have negotiated with our main carriers to continue to ship at class 150 or 70 if we pre-pay and add the freight and bill you. If you choose to make your own shipping arrangements or use a logistics company, we cannot guarantee what shipment class you will be charged. For all shipments, we will be providing the weights and dimensions and correct NMFC number on all bills of ladings. This may result in higher shipping costs if you make your own shipping arrangements. We encourage all customers to let us choose the carrier and pre-pay and add freight charges to your invoice.

Processing Fee

Duo-Safety charges a $12.00/net fee for LTL shipments when we don't make the arrangements. If you choose to make your own arrangements, use a logistics company or ship collect on your own account, you will see a PROC FEE on your invoice. This fee has been added to cover our extended time it requires to work with a logistics company or freight carrier that is not familiar with our business or products.

Common Shipping Questions

The following are other common questions in regards to shipping our ladders:

Q. Why don't you have standard freight estimates for your ladders?
For each shipment, we try to use the best and least expensive carrier possible, however, many carriers vary by as much as $100 for an identical shipment. Because of this variation, we are unable to quote a standard freight amount for our ladders. We prefer to help our customers obtain the most accurate freight estimate possible so our customers can save money.
Q. Are the weights listed in your catalog or online shipping weights?
NO. The weights listed in our catalog or online are individual product weights ONLY. The shipping weight for all products is higher than the product weight. Any ladder over 24' in length or multiple ladders shipped together are crated in a wood box. Please call our office to find out approximate shipping weights.
Q. I've received my invoice and there is a PROC FEE listed, what is that?
This fee has been added to cover our extended time it requires to work with a logistics company or freight carrier that is not familiar with our business or products.
Q. I've received my invoice and there is a DCMT FEE listed, what is that?
This fee is added to any shipment going into Canada. This fee is to cover our extended time and additional paperwork required for shipping into Canada.
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