First in Service, First in Safety Use a good ladder or stay on the ground
Duo-Safety Marine Ladder

Over 80 Years
Made In The U.S.A.

Duo-Safety Ladder Corporation is a family owned business welcoming its 3rd generation. We are the oldest and largest manufacturer of fire fighting ladders in North America. We are proud of our reputation and glad you stopped by. Enjoy your visit!!

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OSHA Compliance

All Marine Ladders are made with 12" rung or step centers to conform with OSHA standards. Safety Shoes required by OSHA are available as an added option.

Ladder Facts and Safety Suggestions

  • Rungs are electrically welded to outer plates and internally expanded to inner plates.
  • Use the right ladder for the job. Do not use household rated ladders for Marine/Industrial jobs.
  • Inspect ladder before each use for your own safety. Never use a damaged, deteriorated or malfunctioning ladder.
  • Assure firm footing for the ladder before use - Safety Shoes must be used on hard surfaces.
  • All ladders are designed to carry only one person at a time. Ladders have a load rating of approximately 500 lbs, do not overload ladder.
  • Always face ladder when ascending and descending.
  • Move ladder close enough to work to avoid dangerous over reaching
  • Metal ladders should never be used where electrical contact is possible.
  • Keep ladder free of paint, grease or anything that may interfere with inspection, slipping or normal use.
  • Aluminum gives longer life because it does not deteriorate with age or moisture conditions.