Replacement Parts

Ladder Lock Assembly

Lock Housing Diagrams

Duo-Safety Spring Lock Assembly

  1. Lock housing & cover plate (not shown)
  2. Lock hook
  3. Finger (note position)
  4. Spring
  5. Mounting bolt holes
  6. Shoulder bolt hole

All ladder lock assemblies are a two piece aluminum assembly consisting of:

  1. Lock housing (base plate with mounting bolt holes and cover plate with rung mount.
  2. Lock hook - solid aluminum hooks that engage rungs.
  3. Finger - solid aluminum finger - depress the hook to allow disengagement of the rung.
  4. Spring - stainless steel torsion spring- provides automatic action to assembly.
  5. Shoulder bolts & nuts, 3 each shoulder bolts & nuts hold the parts in place and hold the cover plate over the base plate.

Lettered Set A/B Pictured

Note: Base plate assemblies are all the same.
Cover plate assembly includes a welded aluminum tube piece that accepts the lock rung and rivets. Cover plates are made in 2 different versions.

  1. A/B (Right & left) used on series 500/525, 1000, 900/925, 1500/1525, YGE-2/YGE-3
  2. C/D (Right & left) used on 1200/1225

Replacement lock assemblies are sold in pairs only and include instructions and all mounting fasteners.

Normally you will reuse the old lock rung from the old lock assemblies. However, if damaged, you must also order a replacement rung.

Please follow the replacement instructions provided with the replacement locks for proper installation. Be sure to advise proper lock assembly version/lettered pair required to ensure proper fit. If you have any further questions, please call 920-231-2740. See our Price List for current pricing.

Lock Housing Repair Kit - New Aluminum Locks

Includes all the parts needed to repair a set (2) of our new aluminum locks. Parts in kit:

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